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Guitar is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It brings happiness to those who listen to it, joy to those who sing with it, self esteem to those who play it and pride to those who teach it. As popular as guitar is, there has never been an easy, fun, effective and inexpensive way to learn. Well, now there is with our Play-It-Now Tunes all-audio guitar lessons.

Other guitar learning methods including instructors use books, software, sheet music and guitar tabs which makes learning guitar very frustrating and very distracting.

Play-It-Now Tunes utilizes a patent-pending all-audio approach to teaching guitar that bypasses the difficulties of other methods and gets you playing immediately. Let's face it, you want to play guitar and the songs you love NOW. There is nothing that makes it happen faster and more effectively than Play-It-Now Tunes.

On every TalkingTabs Play-It-Now Tunes audio lesson, whether it be a Guitar Instruction Product or a Play-It-Now Tunes song lesson, you will find the perfect blend of verbal instruction, playing examples, play-alongs and re-creations for an easy and exciting learning experience.

Our expert instructors explain exactly where to place your fingers for notes and chords, what strings to play, how to play those strings and the rhythm to implement. All you have to do is LISTEN, LEARN and PLAY. It's That Easy! You do not have to read sheet music, guitar tabs, figure out computer software or videos, or pay for expensive private lessons.

Developed and Endorsed by Industry Experts, TalkingTabs and Play-It-Now Tunes are truly the greatest innovation in guitar instruction.

A Heartfelt Success Story

"TalkingTabs and Play-It-Now Tunes brought me back from the brink, from the very edge of quitting. From all the frustration I'd experienced and all the money I had spent and now I actually have something that can teach me how to play guitar and the songs that I really want to play."- Carissa Myers

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